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Kungoni Art Project - Mua Mission, MALAWI


Claude Boucher Chisale - MISSIO Banner (1986)

MISSIO Munich, Germany

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The Gospel Seed is at once an interpretation of the Missio Banner, and an exploration of how Christ takes new flesh in Malawian cultures. The Banner, a large painting executed by Fr. Claude Boucher and Mr. Tambala Mponyani, places gospel scenes in juxtaposition to scenes from Chewa village life in order to stress the continuity between Malawian and Christian religious traditions. In print here for the first time, The Gospel Seed provides the anthropological and theological framework of the painting, revealing how these two ways of knowing meet in the local Malawian context.

‘Following the Christian celebrations of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost, the reader is guided on a detailed tour of Chewa life rituals. For the Chewa, these rituals centre around the celebrations of birth, initiation into adulthood, and burial and commemoration ceremonies. Rituals for healing, fertility and rain also play a pivotal role in the community. The Gospel Seed recounts these rites in parallel with the Christian liturgical seasons, enabling the reader to appreciate the breadth of life and death. Evaluating these traditions reveals that they are contiguous with Christian gospel values. They are seeds awaiting full evaluation.

‘With passion and insight, The Gospel Seed provides a fresh example of inculturation, shedding new light on our understanding of Christianity and Malawian traditions.’

BOUCHER CHISALE, C. (2002a), The Gospel Seed. Culture and Faith in Malawi as expressed in the Missio Banner. Mua Mission: KuNgoni Art Craft Centre