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Kungoni Art Project - Mua Mission, MALAWI

Letter of Introduction

Claude Boucher Chisale commends the Kungoni Art Project and reflects on his current interests in this letter.


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KAP is a work of collaboration between Claude Boucher Chisale (Kungoni Centre) and Richard Hewitt (Kamuzu Academy).

Davie Maleka Chaone and Andrew Nyengere (Kungoni Centre) and Samson Phiri (Kamuzu Academy) have provided administrative assistance.

Photographs on this website were taken by Claude Boucher Chisale, Richard Hewitt, Samson Phiri, Alisoun Probert, Serge St-Arneault and Arjen van de Merwe.


KAP depends largely on collective and individual memory over many years. The support of the communities of Mua Mission and the artists of Kungoni Centre is invaluable. Zikomo kwambili!

Thanks are due also to the many people and institutions throughout Malawi and the world who have proven so helpful and generous in contributing material or opening their doors and collections to record. The interest displayed in KAP is testament to the extraordinary reach of Kungoni Centre and to its significance for art history in Africa.


KAP is always grateful to receive photographs and details of artwork by Kungoni Centre.

Work on KAP is undertaken on a voluntary basis. KAP receives no financial support and the costs that it incurs are substantial. Please let us know if you are able to help or advise in this regard.


KAP publishes an annual newsletter. Click here for the latest edition.


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Kungoni Websites

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