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Kungoni Art Project - Mua Mission, MALAWI

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The Art Gallery was opened at Kungoni Centre in 2009 to display a representative collection of Kungoni work over several generations of painters and carvers.

It contains also a number of remarkable pieces that were commissioned specially for its opening. Two examples, which draw on Chewa iconography, are placed on this page. It is a considerable honour for an artist to have his work displayed in the permanent collection.

The external walls of the Art Gallery are decorated with cement frescoes that display the various arts and crafts that are practised at Kungoni Centre and the five inhabited continents on which its work is to be found.

It is hoped, when technical competence allows, to publish online an extract from KAP Data, in searchable form, which will allow visitors to explore the Art Gallery.

Further Material

There are assembled here a number of images, documents and video clips relating to KAP. Although for the large part informal and not composed for publication, they may be of interest to visitors.

- Artwork -

Click here to read an account of the panels (2006) that decorate the Chapel of Reconciliation of the Half Way House of the Prison Fellowship of Malawi, Balaka, Malawi.

Click here to read an account of a carving (2011) by Thomas Mpira that was commissioned for the opening of the new library at Douai Abbey, England.

- Liturgy -

Click here to listen to a Malawi Mass (2009) that was recorded to celebrate the opening of St. Mary’s Church, Chiphaso Parish, Archdiocese of Lilongwe, Malawi. It was decorated by Kungoni Centre.

Click here to read an account of the Christmas liturgy (2013) at Mua Mission.

- Tradition -

Click here to read an account of the Nc’wala Ceremony of the Ngoni (2014), which is celebrated at Mtenguleni Village, Chipata District, Zambia. [Not Kungoni Centre]