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Kungoni Art Project - Mua Mission, MALAWI

African Theology in Images


African Theology in Images is a comprehensive study of the role of art in the process of inculturation in Africa. The dialogue of images between African and biblical symbols enriches the debate on contextualisation with unique forms of authentic Christian expression, faithful to the African and the Christian tradition. During the past twenty years, one art centre has been truly outstanding in its exploration of its local African and Christian identity and its development of new ways to express it: the KuNgoni Art Craft Centre in Malawi. In paintings, carvings, and colourful liturgical celebrations the centre’s artists have discovered and developed a unique mode of expression which is both African and Christian.’

OTT, M. (1995), Dialog der Bilder. Die Begegnung von Evangelium und Kultur in afrikanischer Kunst, Freiburger theologische Studien Bd. 157. Freiburg / Basel / Wien: Herder

OTT, M. (2000), African Theology in Images, Kachere Monograph no. 12. Blantyre: CLAIM

Dr. Martin Ott’s study of two decades ago has made KAP possible and sets a high standard for its completion. KAP Data gives visual expression (and brings up to date) the ‘List of Works, KuNgoni Art Craft Centre’ on pp. 555 - 572. It is searchable by Ott’s own system of reference.

Kungoni Centre

BOUCHER CHISALE, C. (2002a), The Gospel Seed. Culture and Faith in Malawi as expressed in the Missio Banner. Mua Mission: KuNgoni Art Craft Centre

BOUCHER CHISALE, C. (2002b), Digging our Roots. The Chamare Museum Frescoes. Mua Mission: KuNgoni Art Craft Centre

BOUCHER CHISALE, C. (2012), When Animals Sing and Spirits Dance. Gule Wamkulu. The Great Dance of the Chewa People of Malawi. Oxford: Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art

ST-ARNEAULT, S. (2014), Kungoni. When Water Falls, Sand becomes Crystal. A Guide to Mua and the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art, Malawi. Second Edition. Oxford: Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art

Kungoni Centre’s own publications are few but richly illustrated. Boucher Chisale (2002a) offers a meditation on the MISSIO Banner that hangs in Munich, Germany; whereas (2002b) is a detailed guide to the frescoes that decorate the external walls of the Chamare Museum, Kungoni Centre. Boucher Chisale (2012) contains examples of his artistic work relating to Gule Wamkulu.

Kevin Carroll (d. 1993) and Oye-Ekiti, Yorubaland

Bridger, N. J. (2012), Africanizing Christian Art. Kevin Carroll and Yoruba Christian Art in Nigeria. Cork: Society of African Missions

Dr. Nicholas Bridger’s account of Kevin Carroll’s work at Oye-Ekiti from 1947 to 1954 and the accompanying conference and exhibition (subsequently touring) at Dromantine, Northern Ireland (2012) are a significant inspiration for KAP.

Further Material

Please return for subsequent editions to see further annotated Bibliography and a list of resources of relevance to Kungoni Centre and, more generally, to African art.